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Born in Paris, she is the descendant of a long line of artists dating back to the sixteenth century. Her most renowed ancestor, Jean-Baptiste Le Prince, lived in the eighteenth century; he was a friend of Diderot’s and painter for the Russian Court.

As a child she showed an outstanding gift for drawing and practised it passionately. At a very early age, she turned to painting still lifes and portraits of relatives and friends in oils. She was only seventeen when she first took part in an exhibition and was still a teenager when she joined the "Painters of Reality".

The way she scrutinizes nature and translates light reveals how truly she admires the seventeenth century painting, wich she updates with subjects chosen and composed in a new spirit.

Nadine share her time between France and India, since several years. 

That’s where she has a studio and she paints about India, therefore she goes back to Paris to her French roots. This two civilizations contrast is for her a wonder source, and favorable to creation, questions, joy, and quest. Her apparent reality is a questioning and it needs reconsidering. Its suggests emotions and reflexions to the spectator.Its conveys the contents of her imagination as it is reconstructed by my artistic process. Behind the forms, one should realize what they imply in the mind of who created them as well as the mind of the spectator. The artistic work should reflect something more essential than its mere appearance: spiritual life, that is.


Figurative painting is not meant to show an anecdotic representation: it is a style. A painting may both reflect the inner self and open on the outer world.

Since her childhood, she was sure to become a painter, she had no doubt. For the first time she exhibits her works when she was 17 years old, in Paris at " Le Grand Palais" in a famous " Salon".Then, she joins the "Trompe l’oeil group"directed by CADIOU. Many group shows in France and abroad.


2020 : • Prix Rotary, Paris, France


2016 : Gold medal f, Town of Sainte-Maure- de -Touraine


2015 : Taylor Foundation Award (  Madeleine Couderc ), Paris France

2008 : Quincy sous Senart Award, & medal, France 

2006 : « Connaissances Actuelles » medal, France 

2005 : Town of Chantilly medal, France 

2004 : « Nationale des beaux Arts «  Award, Puvis de Chavannes, Paris, France 

2003 : Taylor Foundation Award , Paris, France 

2002: Taylor Foudation Award for the Salon d’Automne, Paris, France

2001 : « Greci-Marino » International Academy Knight, Italy 

2000 : • Town of Raincy Award, France

            • Gold medal «  Art, Sciences, Letters «France 

1999 : • Member of International »Greci Marino » Italy 

1998 : • Gold medal of Raincy Town, France

            • Town of Aubigny/Nère Award, & medal

            • Star of Europe Commander

            • European Pestige Award, 

1997 : • Great Award of the Town of Marly-Le –Roi, France

            • Town Hall of Paris Xe, Great Award, France

            • Degree of Honor , Town of Millau, France

            • Taylor Foundation Award , Maxime Juan prize, Paris, France        

1995 : • S.N.H.F. Gold medal, France 

1994 : • Town of Clamart Award & medal, France

            • Vermeil medal «  Art, Science, Letters »

            • Silver medal « French merit and devotion» 

1993 : • Town of Quincy sous Senart Award & medal, France

            • Gold medal of Taverny Town, France

            • Versailles Council of State Award & medal, France

            • Yvelines Council of Stae Award, France 

1991 : • Great Award of the Town of Pontoise, France

1990 : • Town of Taverny Award, medal of Honor, France

            • Eure et Loir Award, & medal, France

            • Medal of the Town Chateauneuf en Thymerais, France 


1989 : • Salon Les Lilas Award, France 

1988 : • Town of Beauvais Award, & Beauvais medal

            • Master of Honor, Realistic Art, Italy 

1984 : • Town of Taverny Award  

1983 : • International  Contemporary Art Prize of Monte-Carlo, Monaco 

1975 : • Public prize, Salon of Bois-le-Roi, France

1970 : • Great award of Rhodos Town, Greece 

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